At Arnge, we think the objects in your home should be fun and useful, we want them to bring you joy and delight.

Our designs are original and exclusive. Mike Dawson and Pete Mars have over thirty combined years of experience in many design fields.

As Art Director at numerous magazines, pattern-master and colorist Mike Dawson is the design force at Arnge. Architecture, graphic design, photography and the natural world are points of inspiration for his broad ranging surface pattern designs. Working in form and color is as natural to Mike as eating or walking or racing the dog for her toys.

Stylist Pete Mars is the collection editor at Arnge. His strong visual editing skills were developed in the fields of interior design, home product and furniture design, magazine styling and museums. Pete edits collections with both hands behind his back. Just don’t ask him to organize his desk.

Arnge Authenticity 

Arnge pillow covers can be identified by bold patterns and colors, and by the logo printed near the zipper. The logo is small enough that it can’t be seen on your sofa but big enough to read if you look for it.

Arnge Pillow Covers 

To us, the process is as important as the finished piece. Our pillow covers are printed and sewn in the United States. No sweatshop labor.

We’re dreaming large. As our company grows we promise to always give you more of what you see in our pillows: fun design and great color mixes on useful products.

We can put beautiful patterns on anything, but we want to grow smart, not just big.

Thank you for getting excited about Arnge!