DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Dry cleaning will strip color from the fabric, giving it a faded look.

BEFORE WASHING: Remove pillow insert from zippered cover.
TO WASH ZIPPERED COVER: Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, gentle cycle. Do not wring or rub surfaces together when wet.
DRY: Hang dry from corners or lay flat on dry towel. Change towel when wet.
IRON: Use cotton and steam settings. Best results achieved when zippered cover is slightly damp to the touch before ironing.

• Lay the ironed pillow cover on a clean surface, with the open zipper facing you.
• Karate chop the pillow insert down the center and fold it in half, holding both sides with one hand.
• Open the cover with the other hand and push the folded insert into the cover as far as it will go. You may need to re-fold the trailing end of the insert to get it all the way in.
• Zip the cover and mush the pillow from the sides until it returns to the desired shape.